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About Us

In 1949 Specialty Sand Company incorporated to supply the gulf coast with the abrasive materials it needed.

Starting from scratch Specialty Sand operated various small mining operations on the east side of Houston. Less than ten years later in 1958 Specialty Sand built their first sand processing plant. This plant, located on Green’s Bayou was the first step to establishing the regular and dependable service the gulf coast has grown to expect from Specialty Sand Company.

The Greens Bayou plant embodied the growing demand for sand and Specialty Sand was there to grow with it. Starting from various small mining pits to a fully established processing plant on Greens Bayou Specialty Sand ensured a stable and steady supply of sand for its customers. However the demand for sand grew so rapidly that Specialty Sand had to open two new plants, in 1965. These Plants expanded not only their ability to service the Sand market in Houston, and the Golden Triangle but the entire Texas and Louisiana gulf coast and Golden Triangle. With plants in Houston Tx, Deweyville Tx and Eagle Lake Tx Specialty Sand Company offers high quality sand to a larger area than any of its competitors.

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