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Environmental Containment Material

Product Applications

  • Replacement of tank bottoms
  • Protection of fiberglass tank bottom liners while undergoing repair
  • Underground electrical cable burial
  • Filter beds for water treatment plants, refineries & paper mills.

Advantages to using Specialty Sand Company

  • Contamination-free material: Clean, moisture-free sand with average PH of 7
  • One-step delivery and application process: Our trucks blow directly into the designated area using special hoses
  • Ability to access otherwise inaccessible places
  • No rehandling of material, saves labor costs
  • Save manhours, equipment use and completion time
  • No damage to roof structures, linings and anodes already in place
  • A fleet of over 30 self unloading bulk delivery trucks, with the most experianced DOT-Certified drivers

Environmental Containment Material Specification

*Specific requirements and general characteristics for silica sand material.

  • Silica sand shall be clean, washed free of clay, low in free chlorides and PH will be neutral.
  • The silica sand shall be a specific grade with following physical and chemical characteristics.
  • A sieve analysis should yield no more than 3% retention on the #20 U.S. Standard Sieve, and no more than 10% material passing through a # 140 U.S. Standard Sieve.

Physical and Chemical properties:
  • Greater than 98% Silicon Dioxide
  • Grain shape should be sub-rounded to sub-angular
  • Hardness should be at least 7 on mohs scale
  • Bulk Density should be between 95-105 lbs/cu ft
  • PH shall range from 6-8
  • Resistivity shall be greater than 500,000 ohm/cm
  • Chlorides shall be less than 50 ppm
  • Sulfides shall be less than 1 ppm
  • Moisture content shall be less than .2%

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